Its cobbled streets, its 22 churches, and the Mother Laura Museum make Jericó a must-see place. It?s located in southwestern Antioquia, 104 km (64.6 miles) from Medellín. The town of Jericó has Republican and colonial style elements. The town is recreated with natural landscapes that captivate both residents and tourists. Its colonial architecture, characterized by the design of doors and balconies, is complemented by the presence of trees among which cedars, ceiba trees, strawberry trees, and ariaza palms stand out. You can also find some bars, clubs, cafes, and shops to hang out.

It?s important to note that Jericó is a new destination for religious tourism in Latin America because it?s the birthplace of the first Colombian saint, Laura Montoya Upegui, better known as Mother Laura. There, you can find her birth house, now a museum, and the baptismal font where she was baptized within hours of her birth. 

Tourist attractions: 

  • Catedral de Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (Our Lady of Mercy Cathedral), Religious heritage is one of the main tourist attractions of this place. This building, constructed in brick, is characterized by the height of its columns. Inside, you can observe an organ of 1,235 flutes, a crucifix made in 1880, and an oil painting of the Virgin of Mercy, brought to the country in 1850. Visit the main temple of the local diocese and get into an area full of objects that have become historical relics.
  • Cable Car: An amusing tour of 750 meters (2,460 feet) linking the Salvador or Cristo Rey Hill with Las Nubes Hill will allow you to see beautiful scenery.
  • Las Nubes Park: The park is home to many different species, such as eagles, toucans, snakes, and deer. Enjoy this park that is considered an environmentally-protected area.
  • Cauca Viejo: This is a rural condominium that recreates the traditional architecture of Antioquia?s towns. You will find a church (inspired by the Cathedral of Salamina, Caldas), a central square, a town hall, a rectory, a school, taverns, a stable, shops, playground, soccer fields, sports courts, and eco trails. There, you can spend some time sailing the Cauca River with optional sports fishing. If you go from Medellín, take the Amagá - Bolombolo ? Puente Iglesias road. 
  • Carriel Manufacturing: In Jericó, they manufacture the carriel in the traditional way. The carriel is a typical bag made of leather and is considered an icon of Antioquia.
  • Museum of Religious Art: At this museum, you will find pieces of historical and religious value, including the image of the Virgin of Mercy, painted in oils and elaborated in carved wood in 1698. You can also lay your eyes on the bells of the first cathedral, with a weight of 126 kilograms, and the Holy Sepulcher, built in 1900. Visit this museum that opened in 1976 and that is located in the basement of the Cathedral.
  •  Municipal Archaeological Museum of Southwestern Antioquia: This museum is located in the former Cultural Center and has a collection of more than 1,800 artifacts from the area.
  • Los Balsos Botanical Garden: Get close to nature by taking a relaxing tour along the eco trails, wooden bridges, lakes, and green areas here at the base of the Salvador Hill, four blocks away from the central square.



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