Bolivar Park

Surrounded by history and culture in the city's historic downtown. The statue that depicts Simón Bolívar on horseback is one of the great masterpieces of Italian artist Eugenio Maccagnani. The Bolívar Park was inaugurated in 1892 and named after the freedom fighter, Simón Bolivar, whose sculpture has sat proudly in the center of the park since 1923.

The Bolívar Park is a representative place in the city that contains important symbols of the city's history and culture. In the park, visitors can appreciate the bronze bust that honors the late Fidel Cano Gutierrez, founder of the Espectador newspaper, which was the first ever newspaper to be produced in Colombia and that came from the city of Medellín. 

Nearby attractions: Local artists exhibit their best handicrafts at the traditional Handicraft Market San Alejo, which is held the first Saturday of every month. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellín is located on the northern side of the park. This is considered the largest church in the world that was built in its entirety using only clay-baked bricks. On the southeastern side of the Park, the Lido Theater can be found, which has been named a National Patrimony Building in the city. Neither of these remarkable landmarks charges an entrance fee and can be appreciated by all visitors to Medellín. 

Additional to the architectural surroundings of the park, visitors can also enjoy the music of the Antioquia University Symphonic Ensemble, which plays at the park the third Sunday of every month. Visitors can get to the Bolívar Park by walking along the pedestrian walkway Junín or, if traveling by Metro, get off at the Prado Metro Station that is nearby.


  • Address: Medellín, Villa Nueva (Close to Metro station Prado )
  • Phone number: (+57 - 4) 444 41 44


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