Cisneros Plaza

A magical place that lights up the sky of the city. The perfect blend of peace and quiet time for visitors in the middle of the downtown. In this plaza, you can find 300 light columns, each 24 meters tall, with seven lights around each one which makes up a total of 2,100 lights that can simulate the phases of the moon. 

A unique experience for sure! Located in one of the strategic areas of Medellín, next to the EPM Library, the La Alpujarra Administrative Center, and the Antioquia Railroad Station. Cisneros Plaza started out as a simply covered marketplace. Its moniker comes from its namesake Francisco Javier Cisneros, a Cuban engineer. "If a few moments of peace and quiet is what you are looking for, then step inside the EPM library". 

There are fountains with streams of water leaping from them, as well as bamboo forests and platforms on different levels lit up by floor lamps. All of these characteristics make the Cisneros Plaza, a magical place for both visitors and locals to get out of the routine and relax in this wonderful serene area. Architecture and culture combine to be a great place for photography lovers. 

The Cisneros Plaza is a place where architecture and culture combine and can be appreciated by visitors as they sit on the benches located around the plaza. Getting there is very easy because a plethora of different bus stops are located around this area and many different bus routes of the city pass by.


  • Address: Carrera 53 # 44 - 01 Medellín, Colombia (Close to Metro station San Antonio)
  • Phone number: (+5 - 4) 3503196479  (Tourist information booth)


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