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The Park of Sculptures has enough room throughout its 7,500 square meters to provide entertainment. The Parque de Las Esculturas, or Botero Plaza, as it is also known, is located in one of the most characteristic and traditional areas of the city and sits next to the Berrío Park, the Antioquia Museum, the Palace of Culture, and the Nutibara Hotel. 

This privileged location not only turns it into an art and cultural epicenter but also makes it a must-see spot for all tourists and visitors to the city. The Park has become a symbol and example of social transformation in the city, as the area where it is located was previously extremely underdeveloped and neglected. Nowadays, the park has turned this area into a place for fun and wholesome entertainment, which reflects the idiosyncrasies of the locals from Medellín. The Park of Sculptures includes 23 works of art from the renowned artist Fernando Botero. Although the plaza, which is located in front of the Museum of Antioquia, was built in 1999, it wasn?t until 2002 that the sculptures generously donated by the artist Fernando Botero were placed in the open air plaza.

Many of these magnificent sculptures have been showcased around the world in places like Paris, New York, and Madrid to name a few. Visitors can pose next to these giant bronze sculptures and feel the charm of Antioquian art. This locale has found its place in the hearts of so many. In turn, they treasure it as a one-of-a-kind place to experience art in Medellín.

The Museum of Antioquia is committed to providing cultural and artistic spaces in the city so that citizens and visitors alike can enjoy them. This is why, with the Botero Plaza, the museum undertakes conservation processes every six months on all the sculptures located there?following strict indications by the artist himself?so that this great plaza can last throughout the years.


  • Visit the museum of Antioquia. 
  • Address: Carrera 52 Carabobo with Calle 52 Av. De Greiff.


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