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Coffee experiences in Medellin

Coffee experiences in Medellin

A visit to Medellín is not complete without tasting a good cup of coffee.

Colombian coffee is recognized worldwide for its quality and flavor that comes from the traditional selective harvesting of the fruit.

When you visit Medellín, we recommend doing several coffee-related activities that will make your stay a unique experience.

Farms inside Medellín to have a coffee experience

In the district of San Sebastian de Palmitas, 40 minutes away from downtown Medellin, you may find farms dedicated to coffee tours.

Coffee Tasting

Learn how to taste coffee, differentiate between its aromas and flavors through specialists. For this, we recommend visiting the Laboratorio del Café, Toucan Café & Tours, Café Velvet and Pergamino Café..

Take a good cup of coffee

We suggest visiting the different coffee shops around the city such as Café Pergamino, Juan Valdez Café, Café de los Andes, Café de Lolita, Repostería Santa Elena.

Visit Coffee Plantations

Antioquia is one of the coffee-growing departments of Colombia. The most specialized crops of Antioquia are located in the municipalities of Los Andes, Jardín and Jericó, which have been recognized by their continuing coffee work, rich in nature, heritage and culture.

Purchasing Coffee

Finally, if you want to take the best coffee back home or bring a gift to your loved ones, you can find the best coffee in chain stores such as Exito or Carulla, or if you want a more local coffee, you may buy it in the coffee shops listed above.