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The Book and Culture Festival starts in Medellin

The Book and Culture Festival starts in Medellin

Medellin celebrates the 12th edition of the Book and Culture Festival between September 7 and 16, with hundreds of activities. This festival is one of the main fairs in Latin America that gathers around 400,000 visitors.

More than 30 organizations devoted to reading, writing and oral tradition, will lead 2,640 workshops in the Jardin Lectura Viva area, and there will also be 49 talks as part of the programming, 120 books will be released and 45 artistic groups, six of which are international groups, will be performing.

In addition, 40 writers, artists, chefs, musicians, scientists and intellectuals will come from Mexico, the guest country, to carry out a meeting of cultural exchange around music, film and lyrics. Admission to the Book and Culture Festival that will take place in the Botanical Garden of Medellín is free. Local, national and international young people and adults are welcome to participate in this event to celebrate the encounter between books, art and culture.

The Book Event

The City of Medellin, through the Secretary of Citizen Culture, also conducts two other massive reading-related events: The Feria Popular Días del Libro, held at the end of April or May, and Parada Juvenil de la Lectura, in July.

This are the lead-ups to the big event that will be held in September, when local people visit the northern area to enjoy the feast of all people.

Information about the Book and the Culture Festival 2018 programming will be available Here.

To discover the city

Different activities around the Book and Culture Festival will be carried out in the northern area of the city. Come and visit some of its most emblematic places:

The Botanical Garden

Around 14 hectares of planted trees allow taking a breath of fresh air right in the heart of the city. There, you can appreciate the architecture of the Orquideorama, an artistic construction that has a unique design, while you enjoy most of the Book and Culture Festival programming.

Explora Park

Center for science and technology located in the northern area of the city. In this place, you can enjoy the largest freshwater aquarium in South America that gathers more than 400 species such as pirarucus, anemones, water fish, tiger fish, among others; in addition to a vivarium with 16 species that includes amphibians, reptiles and arthropods, which make this place a center for the dissemination and promotion of science.

In the framework of the Book and Culture Festival 2018, Explora Park designed a digital book room and a fascinating programming that includes science, theater, scientific monologues, talks with researchers and more.

The Planetarium

It has one of the most tilted domes in the world (27°), it has a fish eye image projection, with 160- opening degrees and a circumference of 360°, in addition to astronomy shows and permanent scientific and cultural programming: several of the Book and Culture Festival activities take place at the planetarium.

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