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Medellin music that transcends borders


Medellin music that transcends borders

We met Alejo García, singer, expeditionary and musical producer of Medellín who combines tradition and modernity in his songs. His music that seeks to recreate the musical diversity of the American continent has transcended our borders, reaching countries like the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Spain and Austria.

Alejo Garcia, is constantly studying the various geographies of the American continent, to compose “songs in traditional rhythms and recreate through music productions and his dialog with other arts, the way we perceive ourselves in the relationship with our time and space as human beings.”

Alejo García

In 20 years of his career, this artist has been producer of his own and other artists’ records, composer for documentaries, jury in various festivals and adviser in artistic direction for the Colombian Ministry of Culture, Bancolombia and other institutions.

Due to his artistic career, Alejo has to constantly travel, and what he misses the most when he is away, is drinking a beer in the neighborhood convenient stores, “I think it is one of the most important social spaces of our city, of our country.”

Currently, Alejo, works on the promotion of his fifth studio album “Americanotl” and in the production of his first live album “La Peña Roante”, a creative project supported by the concerts that Alejo performs once a month at “La Choli”, his house in Santa Elena.

La Choli en Santa Elena