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Journalism, innovation and culture reach the city: GABO’s Festival

Journalism, innovation and culture reach the city: GABO’s Festival

Medellin will have 3 days of talks, workshops, exhibitions, displays and tours thanks to Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Festival that takes place between October 3 and 5 in different venues of the city.

The Festival, inspired by the ideals and works of Gabriel García Márquez, also known as “Gabo”, seeks to encourage the pursuit of excellence, innovation, rigor, the treatment of the facts and ethical consistency in journalism, while also presenting the innovation and creativity that characterizes Medellin’s people to the world.


This year, the festival has 75 activities divided in 7 central themes:

Journalism on equal terms: Discussions with emerging and innovative journalistic project managers.
Gabo’s obsessions: Discussions on topics that were in the interest of Gabriel García Márquez, music and literature will be part of this activity.
The kitchen of journalism: Talks and interviews on issues that are of concern to Ibero-America and shape journalism in the region.
Displays: Photographic exhibitions and screening of documentaries.
Workshops: Half day of free activities, aimed at journalists, students and professionals from different disciplines.
Curious minds: The new section of Gabo’s Festival. An intimate space for informal but deep talks with great storytellers of Ibero-America.
Gabo Award: Recognition to the best of journalism in Ibero-America.


If you want to attend, the following are the venues of the event: The Botanical Garden, Explora Park, the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin and six universities.

For admission, you just need to register between October 3 and 4 at the Orquideorama or MAMM, which will have standard registration desks available.

Admission to the talks and displays is free until seating capacity is reached.

The activities will be broadcast live on Facebook Live in the Festival Gabo, Red Ética, Centro Gabo and FNPI accounts (except for the workshops and exhibitions).

All the information about the festival you can find it Here