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60 years of Salon Malaga in Medellin

60 years of Salon Malaga in Medellin

Medellin has a cultural programming every day of the week, thanks to the efforts of 7 entities that have teamed to bring theater, music and dance performances every day.

Salon Malaga is one of these important entities, a traditional place in Medellin. It is strategically located in downtown Medellín near San Antonio Metro Station and  El Parque de las Luces that has seen the transformation of the city over the years.

On November 15 this year, the Salon Malaga will celebrate its 60th anniversary; the place where intellectuals and writers get together in an environment full of artists and trendy bars, a city place where tangos, boleros and pasillos have accompanied generations of residents and tourists who have enjoyed it.

To celebrate the lounge that expels poetry, Malaga’s artists will have a show along with the Symphonic Band of Universidad de Antioquia, which can be seen at Lido Theater, where spectators of the yesteryear lovers will be able to have a marvelous evening.

And as we prepare to celebrate, we invite you to visit Salon Malaga, open daily including holidays, with a programming that ranges from social gatherings, up to open disco where the DJ, Gustavo Artega, one of the major collectors of music, plays his 78-rpm records.

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