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4 coffee shops in Medellin to have the best cup of coffee


4 coffee shops in Medellin to have the best cup of coffee

If you are looking for the best cup of coffee in town, certainly you are in the right place. Pay attention to this guideline of the best coffee shops in Medellin and enjoy the best this city has to offer.

Without any doubt, if you are travelling to Medellin, coffee is a must. So, if you are up to have a great cup of coffee, pay attention to this guideline and don’t miss any of the hottest places in town.

1. Urbania café

Here, you can taste some of the most unique coffees from Colombia origin and their exclusive line Café Calima. The owners created this place to give customers an exclusive and selected product, as well as unique preparation in each cup of coffee.

The menu it’s quite rich and offers a variety of origin coffee. Another selling point is baristas. They are experts in creating one of a kind cappuccinos and lattes, while impressing customers with incredible figures made of foam.

Highlights: they offer a 10% discount to people who arrive by bike

Where?: Calle 8 # 43b-132, El Poblado.


2. Pergamino Café

After years of selling their coffee to companies, they decided to open their own coffee shop. Now, Pergamino not only sells beans brought directly from their land, but it has created a whole experience around the ritual of drinking coffee. The shop has trained baristas who teach customers about the different methods, the characteristics of the beans and guide them to get the cup of coffee they want.

Some of their golden products are Santa Bárbara, Urrao and Loma Verde, which is the name of one of their coffee plantation.

Highlights: each time, the shop is going to release a new origin coffee they invite people to a free tasting.

Where?: Carrera 37 #8A- 37, Vía Primavera / Carrera 43A No. 6S-15.

3. Velvet

Created by Ilse Geynkens, a Belgian lawyer that felt in love with Medellin, this place opened with the purpose to please coffee drinkers and educate people around the coffee culture. Velvet offers beans from all the regions in Colombia. Also, it specializes in slow coffee using a whole rage of brewing methods: Chemex, French press, AeroPress, etc. It also offers delicious and authentic Belgian chocolate and French pastry, which makes this place a must.

Highlights: this place is pet-friendly. Also, they offer workshops in their coffee roasting plant located in Itagüí.

Where?: Carrera 37 # 8a-46, El Poblado.


4. Café Revolución

This place is a well-known hub for business and work and is completely laptop friendly. Café Revolución sells origin coffee from Antioquia, Tolima and Caldas. And also, each month they change the grind and the beans to surprise customers.

In their menu you can find hot and cold coffee based drinks, as well as teas and fruit smoothies.

Highlights: they support local artists by displaying their paintings so people can buy them.

Where?: Carrera 73 Circular 4–#10, Laureles.

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