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5 places that serve as poetic inspiration in Medellín

5 places that serve as poetic inspiration in Medellín

The 28th International Poetry Festival brought with its own, shamanism and songs demonstrating once again that Medellín is a city of artists, and for this we invite you to visit the places that inspire the most emotions in the City.

1. Prado neighborhood

The neighborhood that remained in the mid-twentieth century, evokes the romanticism and tradition of the elites of the City. Its facades have become cultural patrimony since they are exponents of classic styles to the colonial architecture, Prado is an unforgettable place of Medellín.

2. Paseo Junín

From the Coltejer Building to the Bolívar Park, Junín is defined as the most emblematic walk of Medellín, and since the twentieth century it was the place to do shopping, have a coffee or meet friends. Today it has taken on a more commercial character but it continues evoking that place of meeting and of closeness, its multiple coffees continue being still the ideal place for the dreamers.

3. El Castillo Museum

Built in 1930 with an architecture that brings to mind the Castles of the Loire Valley in France; its medieval Gothic style contrasts with its French-style gardens bringing the romanticism to Medellin, an ideal place to create love sonnets or stories of knights.

4. Park Arví

Its cloud forests, together with the habitat of flowers, mosses, fungi, frogs, birds and butterflies make this place a magical place worth visiting, a unique place to put your mind to fly.

5. Multiple viewpoints

Medellín is located in the mountains, thats why it has many places where you can appreciate the beauty of the city, there you can witness dawns and unique sunsets, as well as the impressive illuminated city.

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