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6 Must do in Medellín

6 Must do in Medellín

Medellín has become in one of the most seek destinations in the last years, and it is because of its spring weather, its green mountains and the quality of the people. More than one of its visitors return again.

If it’s your first time in Medellín, these are the must-see places you must visit

1. Pueblito Paisa

Right at the top of Cerro Nutibara you will find the typical houses with windows, doors and balconies of bright colors, representing the towns of Antioquia. The mayor’s office, the barber shop, the school, the central square with its water source and, of course, the church were the most traditional and respected places in town.

El Pueblito Paisa is also the ideal place to taste paisa gastronomy, buy handicrafts and see a panoramic view of the city.

2. El Castillo Museum

History and art come together in the El Castillo Museum, a medieval Gothic style building.

Walk through each of its spaces and discover the treasures that this museum houses: relics in porcelain, glass, stained glass windows, gobelins, paintings and unique sculptures of different artistic manifestations, as well as enjoying its beautiful French-style gardens for resting or having a picnic.

3. Casa de la Memoria Museum

This museum is the place destined to the recognition of the victims of the armed conflict of which the city was stage in the past 50 years.

You can not miss this place if you want to know the essence of the inhabitant of Medellín, the multiple memories that make up its history, its process of repair and social reconstruction.

The Museum is a reflection of the capacity of Medellin to overcome the most adverse situations and move forward. When touring the rooms, through photographs, writings, recorded voices and artistic spaces; it shows the pain that hundreds of citizens went through in order not to forget and guarantee that it does not happen again.

4. Botero Square and Antioquia Museum

In the Antioquia Museum, 108 works of the master Fernando Botero are exhibited, making it the museum with the largest collection of public art in the region.

The Museum also has rooms to appreciate works of pre-Hispanic, republican and contemporary art by national and foreign artists.

When you leave the Museum you find a square, which becomes an open-door museum, 23 sculptures donated by master Fernando Botero embellish the unique and unforgettable city.

5. Explora Park

29 ponds, 256 species and 4,334 inhabitants the Aquarium Explora has a wide variety of aquatic and exotic animals that you will love.

Enjoy this natural spectacle, in a tourist site designed to share with family and have fun to the fullest.

6. Arví Park

The Arví Park can be walked along with guides when arriving at the park, or by bicycle or on horseback through tourist packages purchased with prior reservation with the Parque Arví Corporation.

In the Park you will find camping areas and picnic areas to suit visitors. It is a perfect plan to share as a family or as a couple. In addition to appreciating the natural riches of this place, you can get to know and enjoy the culture, traditions and cuisine of Eastern Antioquia.