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All the information you need to know about Comuna 13 tour


All the information you need to know about Comuna 13 tour

The Comuna 13 tour is one of the most attractive activities that can be done in Medellin. The visitor makes a journey through the history of this area of the city, marked by a conflictive past and an artistic present. Over the last few years, the municipal government has promoted this area of the city to become a very attractive place for tourism.

The history of the Comuna 13 tour in Medellin

Comuna 13 of Medellin has historically been built by the rhythm of the great changes. Initially it was one of the many settlements that thousands of Colombians built around Medellin. They fled rural violence and these communes settled in absolute chaos. Then came the era of drug trafficking and Commune 13 became one of the most dangerous part in the city. However, after an amazing time of improvement, the Comuna 13 of Medellin has lived amazing changes:

• Color for peace:

Visiting Comuna 13 in Medellin means witnessing a transformation. Although the problems did not disappear, the city government opted for street art to regenerate the area. Graffiti can be seen in the streets of the Comuna 13 tour. This form of expression is an outlet for many young people born in a difficult environment.

• A must-see story:

Although Medellin is not summarized in the Comuna 13 history, this visit is important to know the errors. The best way to do it is to listen to the inhabitants of the Comuna, who use to participate in the Comuna 13 tour.

• Urban rhythms for the walking:

The Comuna 13 tour in Medellin sounds to the musical creation of the people who live there. Hip-hop, reggaeton, break dance but also traditional Colombian music such as salsa or vallenato can be listened during the tour. There are so many artists in the place

How to get the Comuna 13 tour of Medellin


Mainly there are two ways to get the Comuna 13 tour of Medellin:

1.The popular mechanic straits: Comuna 13 tour of Medellin can start with a spectacular trip by mechanic straits. The height of the Comuna 13 makes necessary to use this tool to get the place. The vision is spectacular: a relaxing ride among painted houses and artistic graffiti.

2. The metrocable is an attraction in itself: Medellin is a city located in a deep valley. The metrocable rises from the ground and leaves impressive views.

Comuna 13 tour: a safe visit


The attractions of the tour of Comuna 13 in Medellin are many and the safety is guaranteed. Tourism has been shaped as a pole of economic development in the city. But the guide is a must. If you visit the area prudently and through an organized tour, you will experience the transformation of Comuna 13 without risks.