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Amazing typical dishes of Antioquia

Amazing typical dishes of Antioquia

The Antioquenian gastronomy, typical for its high protein and carbohydrate load, represents the way of life of the muleteers and farmers who worked hard during the day and prepared their food to face these long days.

A spicy meal rich in large portions of beef, chicken and pork, beans and corn-based foods are the protagonists, the latter made known mainly by the native communities that in past centuries were dedicated to growing large hectares in different areas of the country.

What can not be missing at a typical table of Antioquia?

La Bandeja Paisa

Known as the essential dish of the paisa gastronomy, it is prepared with a number of ingredients, including: beans, rice, ground beef, pork rinds, blood sausage, chorizo, ripe slice, fried egg, avocado, arepa and guarapo or mazamorra to drink.

In the Paisas families you can change the recipe but without forgetting the main ingredients and companions that make it one of the inevitable dishes.

El Calentao

The left overs from the day before are prepared for breakfast in a delicious mixture of rice, beans and fried egg. It is served hot accompanied by an arepa from Antioquia.

La Arepa Antioqueña

The arepa is one of the most traditional and emblematic foods of Colombia, made from ground corn dough or precooked corn flour, it is a very typical product of the Antioquia region and for that reason it is also very much desired among its visitors.

The arepa it is known as an excellent companion to the tray paisa and without a doubt, an essential food in the breakfasts of a family paisa, who usually accompany it with a good piece of fresh cheese.

El Sancocho Paisa

Known as one of the traditional Antioquian soups, it is very popular for the abundance of food and flavor. The sancocho is usually prepared in a large pot, in which all the ingredients are boiled in water, such as various types of meat, corn, carrots, plantains, potatoes and yuca.

Coriander is usually added at the time of serving and is traditionally accompanied with a plate of rice, a portion of avocado and of course, an arepa.

Empanadas de Iglesia

Small, crunchy and stuffed with potatoes or stews of meat or chicken, they can be found outside the churches or in villages in different areas of the city. The secret touch at the end is always accompany them with a little bit of lemon, sweet or hot pepper to give it an incomparable flavor.

La Picada

Few things taste as good together as the mixture of small pieces of beef, chicken or pork chopped, accompanied by chorizo, chicharrón and sweaty potatoes, arepa and lemon.

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