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11 Curiosities of Medellin that surely you did not know


11 Curiosities of Medellin that surely you did not know

To get to know Medellin just let yourself be surprised by its incredible places and plans to enjoy. We invite you to Know 11 Curiosities of Medellin that surely you did not know

  • Without exaggerating, the climate of Medellin is the best in the world. No wonder it is called the city of eternal spring.
  • Medellin was officially founded on March 2, 1616. However, it was not always its name; the first title the city received was San Lorenzo de Aburrá.
  • The only time Medellin is divided into two is when its two professional soccer teams, Atlético Nacional and Deportivo Independiente Medellin, face each other in a match.
  • Certain car plates cannot run on certain days during peak hours. This system is called Peak and plate. This makes the traffic much more bearable.
  • It is the Colombian city with the largest number of standing sculptures.
  • Streets in Medellin have an identity crisis, in some areas it is difficult to locate them because the same street can have more than one name. For example, Avenida El Palo is Carrera 45 and Avenida Jorge Eliecer Gaitan (better known as Avenida Oriental) is Carrera 46.
  • “Paisas” (People from Antioquia) love day trips. They have beautiful destinations that are very close, which allow them to take short breaks.
  • The 2018 Christmas lighting in Medellin had 35 million luminous figures crafted by craftsmen, and 26 million LED bulbs.
  • The Feria de las Flores (Medellin Flower Festival) is very important for Medellin since there are more than 140 cultural events held there, among them: the National Trova Festival, the Old Cars Parade and the traditional Silleteros (Flower Bearers) Parade.
  • Paisas only drink Aguardiente Antioqueño. Therefore, you do not have to offer them any other brand.
  • “Bandeja Paisa” (Paisa Typical Food) is the most representative dish in the region; it has on average 1800 calories, practically all that should be consumed in a day. Nevertheless, each one of these is definitely worth trying it.

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