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3 Malls that you may not have seen before in Medellín


3 Malls that you may not have seen before in Medellín

It is no secret that Medellín is recognized as a city with countless malls, which besides being a meeting point for family and friends, promote Shopping Tourism.

1. La Central Mall

Located 300 meters from the Miraflores, a station of El Tranvía de Ayacucho in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, La Central Mall complements the commercial offer of the traditional Ayacucho Street, which also has important tourist attractions nearby to discover and tour: The Ayacucho Tram and its urban art gallery, and Tram Markets.

La Central Shopping Center also has a wide viewpoint to appreciate the city.

2. Florida Parque Comercial

Florida Parque Comercial is the first shopping center located in the northwest of Medellin, in which 600 thousand people live in the 67 neighborhoods of this sector of the city.

Its construction guaranteed the maintenance of native species of trees and contributed to the planting of flowers, turning this space into a natural conservation alternative for the city, where in addition to the commercial offer, a large natural park is part of the leisure offer for customers and visitors.

3. Viva Envigado Mall

The country’s largest commercial and business complex is located in the municipality of Envigado, in the metropolitan area of Medellín.

Apart it has been built under international sustainability standards to seek LEED certification in the Gold category, the Viva Envigado Mall has one of the largest sports stores in the world, Decathlon. 🏋‍♂

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