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Altavoz, Freedom Medellín and Breakfest: the best festivals in town


Altavoz, Freedom Medellín and Breakfest: the best festivals in town

Medellín has broken onto the national and international scene with a music selection like no other. From techno to rock and rap, this city has created festivals to suit even the most refined musical taste. If you are a music lover and you’re thinking about traveling to this city, prepare yourself for some of the most famous festivals in Medellín: Altavoz, Freedom Medellín, Breakfest Medellín and Medellín Music Festival.

1. Altavoz

Since Altavoz was born in 2004, it has become one of the most important festivals in Colombia. It not only gathers different genres, like rock and rap, but it also promotes new bands, giving them the opportunity to be discovered. Today, it brings together more than 60 bands from all around the world and around 80,000 people—locals and visitors—in a 3-day event.

One remarkable element of this event is the open call for bands all around the city. These calls have become an iconic part of the event, because it has encouraged the participation of so many emerging groups. In recent years, they managed to receive more than 250 bands.

One of the biggest challenges of this event was to mix so many styles in just one space, something that seemed risky at the beginning. However, putting tons of fans of metal, punk, ska and rap in one place was, and still is, one of the biggest accomplishments of its creators.

2. Freedom Medellín

This is the most specialized festival of electronic music in Colombia. It brings the best underground artists from all around the country and the world. More than 50,000 people get together at this event to enjoy the best performances and productions, and to celebrate music.

Here, you can find sounds of Experimental, House, Deep house, and Techno, among many others. Freedom Medellín brings together the best of the urban scene, architecture and the best DJs. So, if you are an electronic lover, Freedom Medellín is a must. 🎶

Freedom Medellín not only looks to entertain fans, but to educate people about the world of electronic music and the diversity in its multiple genres and subgenres. For this year, Freedom Medellín aims to give visitors a 72-hour event with the best of the best on the electronic scene, on 3 different stages.

3. Breakfest Medellín

This Colombian festival has redefined the music scene in Medellín, thanks to its risky line-ups. It takes place in the North Park, an ideal setting in which to celebrate music and to please locals and visitors.

Each year, this event makes the mountains of the Aburrá Valley roar, and surprises people with fantastic music. In its six editions, this festival has brought artists like Richie Hawtin, Zoé, Julian Casablanca, leader singer of The Strokes, and Pet Shop Boys, as well as local artists like Bomba Stereo, among many others. 🤟