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Colombia Land of “Tastiness” and Fruits

Colombia Land of “Tastiness” and Fruits

Birds, orchids, butterflies, marine fish and, of course, an immense variety of thermal floors make Colombia the second country in the world with the most biodiversity. Diversity that is expressed among other things, in colors, smells and of course flavors,
of different fruits.

In Colombia fruits are consumed in refreshing juices, desserts, sandwiches and in each kind of appetizer. And among many, it is inevitable that they are not immersed in the countrys cuisine.

These are some of the most exotic fruits:




“Whether it is warm, mild or cold weather, variety is found in every corner, and, in the different cities, it is common to run into fruit stands that bold and colorful, make a memory of a fertile land.

Quito orange


Passion fruit

To taste the exoticism of our region in the different flavors of its fruits, we invite you to take an Exotic Fruit Tour in Medellin.