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Colombia Yammy: An experience of flavors throughout the country


Colombia Yammy: An experience of flavors throughout the country

Colombia Jammy, is a unique recipe, where gastronomy and music meet to highlight the richness of the different regions of Colombia, leading diners to have an experience for all the senses.

This May 11, in Medellín you can travel throughout Colombia through its flavors and music thanks to the Restaurante Herbario and the renowned Puerto Candelaria group, two old friends and entrepreneurs of the city, who come together to bring this different event in the city .

4 moments 5 regions

All the participants of this multisensory experience will be able to live four four moments, each dedicated to the most delicious flavors and sounds of each of the regions of the country: Andean, Amazon and Plain, Pacific Coast and Caribbean Coast.

In each of the moments, while the audience enjoys the music, you can enjoy two bites and a cocktail. The marimba, the chontaduro, the drums, coconuts, exotic fruits and ancestral instruments will be special guests at this evening to try and dance.


The Hosts

In charge of making explore each of the sounds of each region is the great musician Juancho Valencia de Puerto Candelaria who will put all the rhythm and musical touch with his group.

On the other hand, the chef Rodrigo Isaza will be in charge of submerging diners in the areas of Colombia through his cooking of mixtures between the traditional with delicate touches of the world.

Do you want to know more about the event? write to Herbario or call 311 2537

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