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Colosal: View of Medellin and great gastronomy for all the senses


Colosal: View of Medellin and great gastronomy for all the senses

How about enjoying a delicious cuisine with the best view of Medellin? This is the proposal that brings us the Colosal Restaurant, located on the hill of Los Balsos, offers a unique space for its guests with 4 different environments.


People who visit Colosal will have the opportunity to have their gastronomic experience in a cellar, in a private space for 6 people, in a spectacular vault with a more private and cozy atmosphere, or on a terrace with an unbeatable view, where you can appreciate everything Medellin.

Colosal has become a landmark in the city, it is the meeting point where diners enjoy contemporary dishes while living a unique experience. Its cuisine fuses vacuum techniques and prolonged periods at low temperatures, inviting its visitors to dare to enjoy innovative combinations, fusion of flavors that suggest something completely new.


Colosal is designed so that its visitors live a unique experience from the entrance. The design of the restaurant is a work of the renowned architect Luis Morales Vicaría, who combines different materials that make it look modern, but at the same time achieves a perfect harmony with nature to its environment.


The art is reflected in each place of the restaurant, different works of the Lima artist Luis Sifuentes “MamanKa” can be seen, from the parking lot, an oracle of the Quechua cosmogony, made with stones from the same ground form the sculpture, in addition the diners will have the opportunity to eat in works of art, Colosal tableware are also an exclusive design of the artist.

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