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Enjoy Christmas in Antioquia

Enjoy Christmas in Antioquia

Christmas is lit in Antioquia; Medellin’s “Ruta de la Luz” (Medellín Christmas lights route) extends to the 14 municipalities that will have Christmas Lights by EPM in 2019, as they are the winners of the seventh edition of the “Encendemos la Alegría” (We Lit Happiness) contest, which rewards them with a Christmas decoration kit.

The Christmas Lights, this year, will be showcased in the municipalities of Antioquia, as well as in Medellín. All decorations are made by a team of artisans, mostly mothers who are heads of households. They hand-wove each figure with intricacy.

🎄  This will be #AlumbradosEPM in Antioquia’s sub-regions:


It will have Christmas lights in its Central Plaza and “La Plazuela” park, inspired by agriculture, peasant culture and Christmas gastronomy.


The Colombian folklore will be seen in these Christmas lights, with dancers and musical notes, monumental Christmas hand-woven figures. On the Calle 30 and at the entrance of the Main Church, a luminous ceiling will be created.


Garlands of colorful light bulbs, making a ceiling of lights, will decorate Calle 21, which will also have monumental figures of aquatic fauna and flora. In the “Parque Lineal” and the Municipal City Hall, the lights will highlight the natural wealth of the town.


The entrance bridge to the municipality will be decorated with nature-like monumental figures and the Main Plaza will showcase its indigenous culture.


The facade of the Main Church and the entrance of the Colosseum will be adorned with monumental figures of nature, including “tigrillo” (wildcat), monkeys, butterflies, birds and flowers.


Carrera 10 and the Colosseum will be transformed into a festival of aquatic fauna Christmas decorations.


The entrance to the Church will be decorated with a peasant family and Christmas stars. The park will have a Christmas tree, gifts and bells. This Christmas lighting is inspired by family and values.

Santo Domingo

Its theme is a peasant Christmas, with monumental figures in the Park and the Main Church.

Carolina del Príncipe

The magic of the land, with plantings and peasants, are the protagonists of the decoration. Among the figures, you will see cows, sheep and flowers.


The Christmas lights can be visited in the Main Park, under the concept of “Magic Christmas.” Colored garlands, stars, a train and flowers are among the monumental figures.


The figures will be located in the immediate vicinity of the Cultural Center and in the Park. Inspiration: Coffee and muleteers. Decoration: peasants, mules, carts and loads of coffee.


The Christmas lights have Christmas as their main axis, with monumental figures of moons, stars and flowers.

El Carmen de Atrato

The joy and color of Christmas is reflected in these decorations.


Most of the monumental Christmas figures are located in the central park of the Santa Ana neighborhood. These Christmas lights have a Traditional Christmas as its main theme.

This is how the magic, light and color of the #AlumbradosEPM extends to the regions of Antioquia, with the aim of keeping Christmas traditions alive, promoting values in society and creating spaces to share with loved ones.

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