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Escapade to Guatapé

Escapade to Guatapé

Just two hours from Medellin, it is a magical town, full of color and life, Guatapé or the Town of Zócalos is internationally recognized for its beauty and closeness to the Piedra del Peñol, one of the wonders of Antioquia that you can not miss .

If you are on vacation and you are in Medellin, we invite you to visit Guatapé, a charming town where you can see how colors and images of flowers, animals and different designs decorate the facades of houses, giving a unique touch to this place.

Guatapé is full of activities, enjoy the reservoir that used to be the old town and now is the central hydroelectric, here you can enjoy different water activities, visit the museum of the reservoir and several islets.

Venture to climb the 740 steps of Piedra del Peñol, the view on the stone will make this trip unforgettable, when you reach the top you can have unique panoramas that can only be appreciated personally.

How to get there?

You can take the Metro at the Caribe station that is next to the North Transport Terminal, there you can find several buses that go to Guatapé, at least every hour.