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Every day a different cultural plan in Medellín

Every day a different cultural plan in Medellín

The Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Bureau of Medellín and the participation of seven cultural entities, will position Medellin as a City of Artists. The city will have a permanent cultural and artistic agenda.

Medellín will offer to its inhabitants and visitors a varied and fun agenda for every day of the week, in that idea the culture will take the streets  and Medellín will be transformed in a space full of art.

The agenda that the city will have will be:

Sundays and Mondays: Culture, parcks y museums

Tuesday: Pequeño Teatro

Wenesdays: El Teatrico and La Pascasia

Thursdays: Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia and  Casa Teatro El Poblado

Fridays: Teatro Matacandelas

Saturday: Teatro Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob

Additional to the cultural agenda Medellín will have the Tango Festival, from June 18 to 24. A full week in which every tourist  will be able to attend all the activities that the festival proposes in different spaces of the city such as the  teatro Metropolitano, el Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe, la Plaza Gardel and la Plaza Botero.

In total there will be about 80 events, all of them with free admission.