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Five Christmas traditions that we love in Colombia

Five Christmas traditions that we love in Colombia

Christmas is undoubtedly the most desired and most enjoyed time in Colombia. The music, the typical dishes and the celebrations are part of the christmas traditions that we celebrate as a family in the country.

Christmas lights

A good Colombian already has his house and facade ready when Christmas knocks on his door. That is why we should not skimp on lighting Christmas with neon lights of different colors, ribbons and garlands.

In addition, with lights and colors fill the neighborhoods and parks of the different cities.

Novenas and carols

As of December 16th and in the case of a highly Catholic country that is getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of the “Baby Jesus”, Christmas novenas summon relatives, neighbors and friends in a celebration, usually at night, full of cheerful songs, carols and the richest of the Colombian gastronomy during this time: rice pudding, (hojuela) flakes, custard and buñuelos.


Fried Beef, pork, sausages chopped meats and typical foods (Picada)

Not only rice pudding, but also the traditional “picadas”; rich in fried foods such as sausages, blood sausages, minced meat and salted potatoes are the order of the day, especially in the celebrations of December 24 and 31.

December music

It is not just the traditional Christmas carols! In Colombia, we officially call “December Music” all dancing music or “parrandera” as cumbias, porros and vallenato, – that no matter what time of year it sounds – it makes us think of Christmas. Limoncito with rum, Cinco pa’ las doce and Loquito por ti are some of the most famous titles.

Omens (Agüeros) for the New Year

Undoubtedly, with the omens that we have in Colombia during the last day of the year we could make an entire article: wear yellow underwear, keep money in your pockets or go around the block with suitcases so as not to stop traveling during the year that arrives, are some of the most common omens.

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