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Flowers Fair Program

Flowers Fair Program

This year, Medellin dresses itself in flowers from August 2nd to 11th with its traditional Flowers Fair, in which, as every year, among flowers, cultural and artistic stages, trovas, handicrafts, antique cars, Silleteros and much more, Medellin wants to give to its citizens and local and foreign visitors a message in 2019: Medellín loves you.

These are the events organized and supported by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín

Flower Fair 2019 – From 02 to 11 August

* Schedule subject to change.

Silleteritos Parade in Santa Elena:
July 21st: 
Estadero “El Silletero”- Main Park Santa Elena Village
Santa Elena Village
Sancochos Festival
July 28th:
Lot of Church of Santa Elena Village.
61st International Equine Expo
Feria de las flores Grade A 
August 1st to 4th:
Plaza Mayor Medellín.
Inauguration of the Flowers Fair
August 2nd:
Sector Estadio, Carrera 74 Medellín.
National Trova Festival of Medellín
August 2nd, 3rd and 9th:
Parque de los Deseos – Plaza Gardel.
Plaza de las Flores (North zone)
August 2nd to 6th:
Parque Norte Medellín.
Artists’ Street
August 2nd to 10th:
Streets and city parks.
Silleteritos Parade in Parque de la Floresta
August 3rd:
Parque de la Floresta.
The fair to the rhythm of the bicycle
August 3rd:
City tour to be defined.
Artistic and cultural scenarios
August 3rd and 4th:
San Antonio de Prado – San Cristóbal – Altavista
– Santa Elena – San Sebastián de Palmitas.
Canine Walk
August 4th:
Carrera 70 – San Juan – Palacé – Tierra Agro.
Cultural Park (Afro Night- Son Nigth y bolero Night) – Colombian Night- Music of the world- Tropical Night)
August 4th to 8th:
Plaza Gardel.
Plaza de las Flores (Western Zone)
August 4th to 9th:
Parque Juan Pablo II (Parking 1 and cycling track)
Musical Stages
August 5th to 8th:
Carrera 70 between circulars 2 and 4 (Monday 5th August)
Livestock Fair (Tuesday 6th August)
La Floresta (Wednesday 7th August)
Aeroparque Carrera 70 (Thursday 8th August)
XXVI event “Orchids, flowers and handicrafts”.
August 6th to 10th:
Botanical Garden.
Parades of Chivas and Flores
August 7th 
City tour to be defined.
Folclor Night “Ballet folclórico de México” (Folkloric Ballet of Mexico)
August 7th and 8th 
MAMM stairs.
Plaza de las flores (South Zone)
August 7th to 11th:
World of the Trova
August 10th
Platform of Medellín River and/or Stadium Sector
Parade of classic and antique cars
August 10th:
City tour to be defined
Zona que suena
August 10th and 11th
Parque Norte
Silleteros Parade
August 11th:
Avenida del Río.
Silletas exhibition
August 11th:
Plaza Mayor – South Transport Terminal.

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