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From Medellín to the North of Antioquia

From Medellín to the North of Antioquia

This vacations are for visit Antioquia. Once you are in Medellín it is very easy to enjoy all the climates and colors that the department of Antioquia offers, taking a car in a particular way or taking a bus in the North or South Terminal, we invite you to enjoy this season among the mountains from our region.

Salto de Guadalupe

This is the name given to the fall of the Guadalupe River, it is located in El Salto, Gómez Plata village in the north of Antioquia, one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the region, where besides enjoying the waterfall in the most inclined cable car in Latin America you can enjoy the Embalse de Troneras, see the Hydroelectric Power Plants, visit the Cascada de la Vereda La Bonita and walk the El Salto Trail.

Other adventure activities that you can do in Gómez Plata are: hiking / trekking, abseiling, torrentism, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking.

When you arrive at the North Terminal, go to the box office 40, the distance between Medellín Gómez Plata is 88 km and the trip duration is approximately 1 hour with 57 minutes.

Gómez Plata borders with Amalfi, Yolombó, Santa Rosa de Osos and Carolina del Príncipe, towns full of natural beauty to discover.