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How is the quality of life in Medellín?


How is the quality of life in Medellín?

Medellín has become an excellent place to live, visit and work. The city is currently one of the best in terms of quality of life in Colombia. Here is a selection of five reasons for you to have a notion about it:

Science, art and technology

If you are a knowledge and arts lover, you will fall in love with Medellín.

Museums, planetarium and zoo, among others. There are many options available to expand your professional and personal horizons. With improvements in knowledge and management, profound changes have been promoted that have positioned the city as an exponent of outstanding quality of life in Colombia

A culture of human warmth

During your visit you might be surprised discovering the friendly character of Medellin’s people. The painful history of the city has evidenced the resilience of its inhabitants. Culture has evolved towards human warmth. If you are a visitor, you will be welcome, and in case you need a helping hand, everyone will be close and available.

Excellent facets for leisure

You can visit exuberant places like the Arví Park, the Botanical Garden, the Parque Norte and El Cerro Nutibara, one of the seven surrounding hills where the Pueblito Paisa is located. In Medellín, productive leisure is cultivated with spaces such as Active and Healthy Routes. Family and sports programs are fully available. Interesting options to experience high quality of life in Colombia.


Nice weather all year round

Located in the Aburrá Valley, the city is surrounded by mountainous landscapes. It has a tropical weather, which does not vary much during the year. It is not just a name! it is the “City of Eternal Spring.” The warmth of its people is reflected in its pleasant climate. In this place you will have tropical fruits at any time.

Excellent business destination

Medellín is a place in Colombia where entrepreneurship is encouraged. That’s why is now host of one of the Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the midst of a changing world’s economy: Medellín it is not far behind. The city gates are open to those looking for ideal sites to promote business developments. Initiatives such as Ruta N, seeks to integrate alternatives that strengthen the business fabric through innovation and sustainability

We hope that these key points give you an idea of ​​the transformation that is happening in Medellín. One of the best exponents of the quality of life in Colombia