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Let’s celebrate Cinco de 5 Mayo in Medellin street


Let’s celebrate Cinco de 5 Mayo in Medellin street

Picture taken from Wikimedia Commons Author: Marrovi

Can you guess where did we find a street with the name of our beautiful city?

We were in CDMX, and we found a street that made us feel at home: Medellin Street that is in Colonia Roma, begins in Plaza Villa Madrid and is full of places that remind us to Colombia and, of course, to the capital of Antioquia.

When strolling through Medellin street, you can explore a large part of the Colombian cuisine, there you may find iconic places like Pollos Mario, restaurants such as, Dulce Jesus Mío, Ciénaga and Macondo and if that is not enough, you will find Medellin Market at the end of the street.

Medellín Market, which is officially called Melchor Ocampo Market, ​ is a public market of Mexico City. With more than 500 establishments. it offers different products from all over Latin America.

Fotografía tomada de Wikimedia Commons Autor: Katia Flores Torres

You may find Colombian products like Cassava, arepas, Malta drinks, beer like Bucanero and Cristal; as well as tamales, arequipe (caramel), aguardiente and ron Viejo de Caldas (rum) and, of course, coffee; there you can find Juan Valdez and Sello Rojo coffee.

Cinco de mayo

Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo because they commemorate the first time that the Mexican army defeated a foreign power, in the Battle of Puebla. For the United States Mexican community, Cinco de Mayo is the day of the Latino Pride. Either because of the battle or Latino pride, people do not let this day go by without celebrating and that is why we invite you to spend it on a very special street with a very original gastronomy.

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