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List of Waterfalls in Antioquia

List of Waterfalls in Antioquia

These are just some of the waterfalls of the most touristic towns in Antioquia or the ones that have the greatest water wealth. Knowing them is a rejuvenating experience ideal for fans of nature and adventure tourism.

On the Eastern region:


Just an hour and a half away from Medellin and 40 minutes from Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rionegro. Visitors love this town because of the vast variety of natural and water wealth that allows it to be an excellent destination for adventure tourism.
In Cocorná, you may find amazing rocks with indigenous inscriptions and carvings, such as El Charco del amor, Las Perlas waterfall, among others.

San Rafael

San Rafael is another town near Medellin and characterized by its water wealth: dams, ponds of natural water and waterfalls make part of the tourism inventory of this municipality located in Antioquia.
Some of the places that you can visit are San Lorenzo Ecological Park, Jaguas reservoir and Bizcococho and Guatape riverbanks.

San Luis

Ecological trails, waterfalls, and of course, the famous Rio Claro canyon are part of the adventure tourism offer in the municipality of San Luis.

La Cuba Waterfall, La Planta Waterfall and El Dormilón Trail are part of this town’s must-see places.

On the Southwest:


This Colombian Heritage Town has an impressive natural waterfall with a vertical drop of fifty meters, surrounded by enormous rocky walls of the same height, “El Salto del Angel”.

Visit La Cueva del Esplendor has become one of the favorite activities for those who love rappel and hiking.

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In addition to the impressive view that can be seen from the cable car in this land between mountains, which is also considered Heritage Town of Colombia, Jericó has hiking trails and footpaths and horse paths, that offer landscapes full of vegetation and wildlife.

The main water artery of the municipality is the Río Piedras Canyon, a place famous for its waterfalls. The Quebradona stream form impressive natural pools on the rocks surrounded by native forest.

In the Urabá zone of Antioquia:


Antioquia has access to the sea in Uraba’s region. Here, it is easy to be enchanted by falls and waterfalls of breathtaking beauty among beaches, volcanoes, and Los Katios National Park.

Although we tried to gather the best waterfalls of Antioquia, we surely left some of them out. Can you think of any?

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