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Mariana Pajón, the queen of BMX


Mariana Pajón, the queen of BMX

Mariana Pajon Londoño is one of the greatest prides of Medellin, the only double Olympic Champion of Colombia, and women’s BMX, thanks to her achievements is known as the “Queen of BMX”, today tells you a little about its


Mariana was born in Medellin on October 10, 1991. At the age of three she learned to ride a bicycle and at the age of four she began to train on the track, competing in her first race against five- and six-year-olds, the children closest to her age at the

At the age of 10, thanks to her commitment and hard training, Mariana was already two-time world champion and had won competitions in Argentina and the United States, always with the goal of reaching first place, thanks to her mental strength.

mariana-pajon- medellin
Mariana Pajón Londoño

Mariana currently belongs to Coldeportes’; Altius high-performance program, competes in the Elite Women’s category and is part of the Colombian BMX
Selection that competes in the different international BMX stops endorsed by the International Cycling Union (UCI). She also plays for the North American team Dan´s Competition that participates in the National Championship of the United States, USA-BMX.

At 25, she is a world reference in this sport and the only South American woman to have won two gold medals in individual sports in the history of the Olympic Games.

Mariana Pajón at Rio 2016

Mariana Mariana’s lucky charms

The 100: Always on her bike number plate and on the back of her shirt means always giving 100%.

Gloves: Wearing two gloves of different colors takes her to the top of the podium.

Socks: Each pair of a different color, as well as their gloves attract the luck of the two-time champion.

Golden nails: The color of the medal that she visualizes and wins in each competition.

The Olympic rings: In 2010 Marian Pajón showed her tattoo with the Olympic rings to the media, showing her tenacity and the drive that always leads her to seek

The wings: Another tattoo that Mariana presumes are the wings, which symbolize the desire to fly.

Pink handlebars: They remember her first pink bicycle with which she learned to fly.

Pedaling for a dream

The non-profit Foundation was born in 2013, thanks to Mariana Pajón, who has the clear intention of bringing alternatives and opportunities to children and young people in Colombia to see sport as an alternative life, in a space for the use of free time and as a tool to fulfill their dreams and build a country.


Have a dream, enjoy it. Fight. Really, believe that it is possible to get there and thatyou can be bigger than you imagine. Mariana Pajón..

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