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Medellin blossoms at The Flowers Fair

Medellin blossoms at The Flowers Fair

From the 3rd to the 12th of August Medellín blossoms with one of the most beautiful fairs in Colombia. The Flowers Fair brings all the tradition and fun for all ages, from concerts to the well-known parades of antique cars and silleteros, Medellín becomes a celebration of color and admiration


Besides the emblematic Silleteros Parade, Medellín will offer the National Trova Festival, the Flowers Square, the Nocturnal Cultural Park, the Orchids, Flowers and Handicrafts Exhibition and the Classic and Ancient Car Parade.

Find here all the information about the event


Feria de Flores Opening
Date: August 3rd
Place: Sector Obelisco

Trova’s National Festival
Dates: August 3rd and 4th
Date: August 10th
Place: Plaza Gardel

Flowers Square (Zona Norte)
Date: August 3rd to 7th
Place: Parque Norte

Night Cultural Park
Date: August 5th to 9th
Place: Plaza Gardel

Flowers Square (Zona Occidente)
Date: August 5th to 10th
Place: Aeroparque Juan Pablo II

Orquídeas, Flores and Artesanías Exposition
Date: August 7th to 12th
Place: Jardín Botánico

Flowers Square ( Zona Sur)
Date: August 8th to 12th
Place: Ciudad del Rio

Classic and Antique Cars Parade
Date: August 11th

Silleteros Parade
Date: August 12th
Place: Avenida Guayabal

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