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Medellin, full of urban art galleries


Medellin, full of urban art galleries

This is a city full of urban art galleries, a city that is colored when they bring their technique and talent to the walls. These young artists transform the city, suggest new languages and challenge all those who pass by their creations every day to reflect on the basis of their vision of who we are as a society.

It is, as its artists say, an exercise that goes beyond scratching the neglected walls. Today, youngsters find a lifestyle, a form of resistance, an arena for political expression or hope in graffiti.

Medellín, city of graffities and urband art


He defines its graffiti as wild style to convey a satirical social message. In addition to aerosol, he learned the airbrushing technique, which he applies in some of his works, as well as on automotive or textile decoration work.


He is a project manager that seeks to integrate art spaces in the city: Casa Toroide is the place of this artist who has conquered a large part of Medellin through his characteristic approach to capture fractals, animals, indigenous figures and self-portraits on walls, thus seeking to convey an integral message about an ecology that involves the environmental, mental and social dimensions.

Señor Ok

This amateur writer believes that painting gives him ideas for writing, and vice versa.


The effects on the letters, shadows, glows, color schemes, excessive use of chromium, or silver, and negatives are the marks that identify this artist’s tags, throw-backs and murals.

Shay art

Indigenous, African and peasant women and girls, wild animals such as the jaguar, the wolf, the puma or the deer stand out in most of Shay’s works, an urban artist who denotes the strength of women through her work and the ability to do anything without any fear.”

Fateone 96

His style has inspired him to leave his art stamped in 3D realism and wild style. He is inspired and motivated by his daughter Saray.


Her wood creations painted with brushes and vinyl have led her towards the murals. She projects her art on walls, trash cans, wheelbarrows and places that contribute a new meaning to the city. Tita has learned that street art is a devil, a conversation through the public space.


As one of the leaders of the Graffitour in commune 13, Perrograf mentions that the key to transforming a space entails transforming its social dynamics.


Color is everything to him, it is his passion and motivation. For Corrosko. With an image, people can reflect, be calm, in peace, admire beauty or, otherwise, it may be a trigger that questions something about your life and your surroundings.”

La Plaga

For “La Plaga”, graffiti is a point of meditation, it is to switch off from what is happening around and flow through painting.


Indigenous features – almond-shaped eyes, hooked noses and fleshy lips- and traditional trades are stamps that identify Jomag’s work.


Earth and bright colors such as yellow and orange are his favorite colors to fill the murals, his inspiration is embodied by painting the faces of children, youngsters and elderly people with indigenous features.


Apart from doing graffiti, he is also interested in studying and reflecting on this art. Understanding the territory and Pre-Columbian symbology led him to create narratives and characters, shaping his plastic graffiti art for the remembrance of what we are as a community.

Leo Dos

His representation has been reflected on gorillas that wear leather jackets, leopards with zebra t-shirts, punk pigs and crocodiles that drink water with straws. He likes playing with the graffiti elements as the power line and dimensions.


Worm does not want to exhibit his works in a private gallery, he wishes to remain on the streets and dreams about creating one of the largest walls in Medellín. He developed Espacio Público urban magazine, which illustrates the city that he, along with a group of young people, seek to transform through art.


Numak interacts with the community before acting on the space, he listens to their stories, reads, sniffs and observes which will be the remembrance that will remain after filling it with life. Enjoy these experiences that will teach you lessons about different cultures, customs and ways of thinking.

The artircle was made with the colaboration of Secretaría de la Juventud de la Alcaldía de Medellín,
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