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Medellín is passionate about adrenaline


Medellín is passionate about adrenaline

A Paisa in love with adrenaline and adventure, has carried high the name of Colombians in different championships of Rally Cross Country ATVs. We spoke with Nicolás Robledo Serna, current first place in the Argentine Rally Cross Country Championship and who is making Medellín fall in love with adrenaline.

Nicolás Robledo Serna

Nicolás Robledo began his adventure in the Rally Cross Country after 9 years of rides and adventures in Colombia in his quad Grizzly 450 Quad. After improving his vehicle, he began to compete in national championships, which opened the way for him to reach Dakar 2016.

2018 has been a year full of unforgettable moments for Nicolás Robledo, who finished the Dakar with two broken ribs but full of pride. In Desafío Ruta 40 he
made history as the first Colombian on the podium and he was the first Colombian in the Argentine Championship, one of the most important and competitive championships in the world.

His great motivation has always been his three sons, to whom he teaches that dreams are possible and they have to work for achieving them.

Nicolas is a man who loves his city, and when he is out there he misses the education of the people, the culture and the streets. “Medellín is a city that can be compared to any other, that has nothing to envy to the cities outside” recommends visiting Medellín because it citizens feel proud about the evolution in education and infrastructure, becoming an example city for many.

 “Medellín is a city to show, a totally international city”

Very soon we hope to see Nicolás in the Dakar 2019, so he is preparing arduously with the idea of leaving the Colombian flag as high as possible.

This was Dakar 2018 for Colombians

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