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Must-do Museums in Medellín

Must-do Museums in Medellín

From modern art, to gothic castles, to the art of Maestro Botero, Medellín City of Artists offers a wide variety of museums to visit and admire art from different points of view in the city.

Knowing the museums of Medellín, becomes a great experience,  with collections of art, science and history, but also a great cultural offer. On this occasion we invite you to visit 6 must-see museums in the city:

Museo de Antioquia

It exhibits 108 works by maestro Fernando Botero, making it the museum with the largest collection of public art in the region. The perfect place to appreciate works of pre-Hispanic, republican and contemporary art, of national and foreign artists.

Museo Casa de la Memoria

Place destined to the recognition of the victims of the armed conflict of which the city was stage in the past 50 years.

Museo El Castillo

Walk through each of its spaces and discover the treasures that this museum houses. The relics in porcelain, glass, stained glass, gobelins, paintings and unique sculptures of different artistic manifestations. The Museum has art rooms that are used for concerts and for painting, dance and piano classes.

Museo del Agua EPM

See and appreciate water from art, science and technology.

Museo de Arte Moderno

The ideal space to contemplate modern and contemporary works of recognized national and foreign artists. It has four rooms: Function Room, where films are also shown.

Cementerio Museo San Pedro

The San Pedro Cemetery is the most traditional holy field in Medellín. In the patios and zones of there, are emblematic artistic works of Europe, reflected in sculptures and monuments, by the recognized artists of the time.