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Origin Fest, a date with the well-being


Origin Fest, a date with the well-being

Origen Fest is a festival that invites everyone to live a life in balance and seeking to connect with our interior through awareness, food and countless alternative consumption options, so that we become aware of our body, free our mind, and begin to relate better with our environment.


This year Origin Fest will again have an academic agenda:

Finding Equilibrium, food, just hang-out and music: The garden of delights, a market with more than 60 conscious and sustainable options: Local Market and a mini festival for children: “Origen Kids” (Kids origin).

Finding Equilibrium is perhaps the most anticipated component by people who have been interested in well-being. The main reason is that the event has brought to Medellin meditation leaders such as Argentina’s Federico Paz and María José Flaqué, better known as “Holistic Woman,” or recognized leaders in healthy nutrition like the Venezuelan Lorena Farías of the account “It is not diet,” all of then met with 400 people to share their knowledge during the 2018’s edition


For this edition, the conferences will be headed by Alejandra Giraldo, better known as Inside You, a nomadic Colombian, spiritual mentor and yoga teacher who leads international retreats for meditation, who will deliver her conference.

The Venezuelan Giselle Schereiner, “Organic Life,” certified health coach at the Integrative Nutrition School based in Miami, specialized in holistic nutrition, detoxification and live food will bring her talk: Detoxify your mind and body.

An Medina, better known as “Omshivaom,” writer and instagramer and life coach, will bring the lecture: Turn on your light, where participants will hear a life experience around healing and finding one’s interior.

The local market will have the participation of more than 60 local brands dedicated to the sale of conscious and sustainable products, as well as experiences and entrepreneurs that will exhibit and offer alternative market options.

In addition, at Origen Fest 2019 there will also be a party, a program with musical guests on stage. Attendees will meet at the “Jardin de las delicias” (garden of delights) while they enjoy their palate with healthy food and will listen to different rhythms.

Get to know all the activities of the festival and more of what will happen at Origen Fest.

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