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Papa Roach in Altavoz Festival


Papa Roach in Altavoz Festival

For 3 days, the Altavoz Festival will have 28 local bands, in commemoration of three decades of Hip Hop in Medellín and Papa Roach will be the band in charge of closing this great celebration.

The Cincuentenario Stadium will be the stage to live the 15 years of Altavoz in the city, during November 10, 11 and 12. Lovers of this festival can enter free of charge to the concerts.


Altavoz Fest is a space for the citizens to meet to enjoy the music in conviviality, and at the same time enhance the local talent of this City of Artists. This year 59 musical proposals between national and international will sound at the Fiftieth Anniversary Stadium.

In 2009, Altavoz Fest was chosen by Unesco and the IDB as one of the best youth practices in Latin America and the Caribbean.


This is a festival for all tastes; during the three days, there will be group presentations that will provide musical diversity. Bands such as Much Boy, presenting 7 Notes, 7 Colors, from California Hep Cat, the legendary Hell's Angels, Judge, Bad Manners, Scan 7, He killed a policeman motorized, The Inspector Cluzot, among others, and the return of one of the most beloved bands by the Colombian public: The Addicts.

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 Do not miss seeing Medellín during Altavoz.

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