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Ten days of expeditions at the Book and Culture Festival

Ten days of expeditions at the Book and Culture Festival

The Medellín Book and Culture Festival will take place between September 06 and 15 in the North Zone of Medellín.

For the first time, a guest country will participate in the “Jardín Lectura Viva,” the heart of the Book Events. Chile will arrive with four agencies to share their experiences in promoting reading, writing and orality

Fifty-two Afternoon Talks, led by writers, illustrators, editors and academics from more than 18 countries; an Expedition Center; the birth of the “Librería Jardín Lectura Viva” (Living Reading Garden Library); and the creation of the Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura Library, are some of the novelties that this edition of the show brings

Chile, guest country

Chile will be the guest country and the first in the history of the Book and Culture Festival that will be part of Jardín Lectura Viva, with four reading, writing and oral promotion agencies.

The Chile Bookstore, with 70 publishers and more than 4,000 titles, will welcome visitors entering through Carabobo Norte and it will show the power of its editorial production. The guest country will also arrive with exhibitions such as “Condorito: ours and everyone’s,” a tribute to this comic character with 70 years of history that has left its mark in Latin America.

Attendees will be able to experience the bibliodiversity of this nation in the Chile Bookstore, with more than 4,000 titles.

Book lovers and others who want to be surprised by them, will have the option to go through the proposal of more than 70 publishers, from independent and university publishers to other labels that commercialize their most renowned authors. Novels, stories, poetry, history, architecture, social sciences, among other topics, will be arranged in this space that will be found in Carabobo Norte.

Among others, one of the most special guests is Graciela Huinao, narrator and poet, the first indigenous woman to enter the Chilean Academy of Language

Jardín Lectura Viva Bookstore

One of the great novelties of the 13th Book and Culture Festival is the birth of the Jardín Lectura Viva Bookstore, an exclusive space for children where they can have their first experience of buying books at prices as low as their size. It is a dream that, after several years, came true as an opportunity to continue feeding and cultivating the love for books and reading

A complete agenda

More than 400 guests from 18 countries, including writers, editors, illustrators, artists, photographers, musicians, historians, scientists and academics, will participate in the different events. Likewise, more than 190 book launch activities will be carried out and 56 artistic groups, 13 of them international, will have presentations.

The commercial offer, which consists of exhibitors of books, publishers and literary products, will have 106 spaces, not including Halls. There are great news for this year’s event, for the first time in the history of the Festival, the commercial exhibition will be extended to Parque de los Deseos, where two major publishers will be located.


A strip of programming dedicated truth and memory

This year, in addition, there will be segment of programming dedicated to truth and memory, conversations and reflections that will take place at the Moravia Cultural Development Center, on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15.

The complete agenda of the 13th Book and Culture Festival can be found here.