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The best souvenirs of Medellín


The best souvenirs of Medellín

Visiting a destination leaves the best stories in our memory, reason why we commonly wish to have physical souvenirs to avoid forgetting those unique and fun experiences.

Medellin is a city full of monuments, art and flavors, that is why it is very easy to get the best souvenirs to take home or to people we love.


There are several places in Medellin to buy items such as backpacks and woven bags, pre-Columbian replicas, clothing, ceramics and hammocks among others, made with raw materials from different parts of the country. We recommend you to visit Artesanías Caballo de Troya, a store where you can find art from all over the country in one place.


In addition, Expoartesano, the event that brings together all the Colombian master craftsmen in a single place will take place in Medellín very soon, from May 10th to 19th. There, you can see the most beautiful pieces, which can also be purchased.

Unique designs

The city also has multiple jewelry, clothing and decoration designers. When visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MAMM), be sure to stop at the souvenir shop where you can find new innovative creations that you would surely buy.


Medellin, the city of Master Fernando Botero, has the largest collection of outdoor sculptures, Plaza Botero, which has 23 sculptures that serve as scenario for residents and tourists’ photographs; likewise, you may see Master Botero’s collection at Antioquia Museum and as you leave the museum, you may visit the souvenir shop where you can buy Botero’s souvenirs.

For more information on where to get the best souvenirs of Medellin, do not forget visiting the Information Points of the City (PITS).

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