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Tips for traveling with babies to Medellin


Tips for traveling with babies to Medellin

If you are an adventurous traveler that always wants to be traveling all over the world but are afraid of changing your habits because you have young children, in Medellí we give you some tips for traveling with babies to Medellin and continue visiting wonderful places.

Ideal age

Babies can travel from the age of 10 days, always keep their documents showing that you are one of their parents. If they travel with another person, it is mandatory to have a certificate where parents authorize the baby to travel with another person. Do not forget the passport and identity card.

Considering that planes are enclosed spaces with bacteria and germs, our recommendation is that they travel from the second month of age for the first time.

The flight

Even if they are infants, they must have a ticket under their name, which must be associated to your name.

If you want a baby seat to travel more comfortably, the airline will charge you for the baby seat.

Most of aircrafts are equipped with a diaper changing table for babies. If there is no one, you may change your baby’s diaper in your seat, please remember to inform the crew for them to give you better tips.

Airlines usually do not allow babies to fly for more than 3 hours. For this reason, you must thoroughly read your airline flight conditions if you come from a faraway place so you can plan your stopovers ahead on time. Here we recommend you visit other Colombian cities such as Cartagena, Bogota and Bucaramanga in your way to Medellín.

In Medellín


Medellin is a tropical city, which is the reason for its changing climate. Do not forget to pack good hydration for you and your baby, wear a hat and sunscreen, and something warm in case of rain. While planning your trip, it is important to check how is the weather going to be in the city.

Most of Medellin tourist attractions, have a place for kids. Therefore, if you visit Museum of Antioquia do not forget going to Pedrito’s room, or if you want interactivity, you may visit Explora Park and the Planetarium. For nature lovers, you may visit Arví Park and Pueblito Paisa.

Other options

If you want to travel light, we invite you to review the following options to rent baby equipment in Medellín:


Bebé Viajero

For more information on where to get baby equipment in Medellín, please visit the Information Points of the City (PITS).

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