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Transformation and nature, attractive for visitors to Medellín and Antioquia

Transformation and nature, attractive for visitors to Medellín and Antioquia

The Medellín – Antioquia region has been chosen to host important international events in 2019. The natural wealth of Antioquia, the transformation of Medellín and the complementary offer of both the city and the region, have been key factors to choose these destinations as the venue for really relevant events for the country. We can find among them the Tour Colombia 2.1, recently held in Medellín, the OAS General Assembly, the World Avocado Congress, the World Meeting of Cities and Mayors, and the UNESCO International Conference of Learning Cities, among others.

Antioquia grew 12% in 2018 receiving visitors from abroad, registering 823,247 travelers who passed through the Regional Migration Control Point. This exceeds the country’s growth figures (8% according to MinCit) and is also above the world average (6% according to UNWTO).

The growth of Antioquia and Medellín as leading tourist destinations in the country is evidenced. In addition to meeting tourism, in its complementary city-region offer that attracts more and more visitors.

Reservoir, Guatapé, Peñol

Medellín and Antioquia, Colombia’s tourist paradise

The new jewels of tourism in Antioquia:

The Government of Antioquia is making progress in the acquisition and adaptation of large areas and some emblematic sites of Antioquia’s geography for public use. The design and development of eco-sustainable parks with nature, archeological, environmental and cultural tourism services and products is advancing in iconic sites, such as Cerro Tusa, the highest natural pyramid in the world; the Farallones de la Pintada, a habitat that surprises with its biodiversity of flora and fauna, and the Arboletes Mud Volcano.

Similarly, the BanCO2 program, with which 28,250 hectares have been protected and nearly 6,000 families have benefited, thanks to the payment for environmental services, seeks to preserve moors and forests which is the best way to ensure water, air and life. In addition to the positive figures for the region, 70% of Colombia’s tunnels are in Antioquia.

With the Oriente tunnel, soon to be inaugurated, the journey from José María Córdova International Airport in Rionegro to Medellín will be reduced to 18 minutes.

On the other hand, the Toyo Tunnel, mega construction, which will measure approximately 9.8 kilometers, will reduce the trip from Medellín to the Gulf of Urabá from 7 to 4 hours. This means, we will be in very little time in front of the sea; because, Antioquia has sea!

Medellín, referente de transformación social

El incremento de visitantes a Medellín y Antioquia confirma que la región está viviendo un proceso de transformación, superando así un pasado oscuro, lleno de violencia y dolor.

En el lugar donde cayó el Mónaco, edificación que fue vivienda de uno de los más grandes capos del mundo, se alzará un memorial llamado por sus creadores “Inflexión”, que ayudará a dar testimonio de un fenómeno que por más de una década acabó con la vida de más de 46.000 personas y sumió en el dolor a sus familias.

In addition, the city’s traditional contests such as the Tango Festival, the Flower Fair and Christmas are major city events of international recognition that have a favorable impact on Medellín in terms of economic impact, positive visibility and the promotion of Paisa culture.