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Via Primavera and Barrio Provenza: where fashion and gastronomy meet


Via Primavera and Barrio Provenza: where fashion and gastronomy meet

Medellín is well known by tourists, because of its beautiful landscapes and delicious coffee. It is also home to the nicest people. So, if you are visiting this part of the country, don’t forget to go to Via Primavera and Barrio Provenza. These two neighborhoods have transformed Medellín into a Mecca for fashion, gastronomy and art. So, if you are thinking about things to do in Medellín, keep reading.

First stop: Via Primavera

Today, Via Primavera—located in El Poblado neighborhood— is dedicated to art, culture, fashion and gastronomy. Different artists, designers, and top-notch chefs come together here to give locals, and tourists, a glamorous experience.

1. Fashion: When it comes to fashion, Via Primavera is an epicenter of creativity, uniqueness and entrepreneurship. Some of the places you can find there are Mon & Velarde, Rojo and Vida Mía. Basically, there is a store for every need and whim.ç

2. Local and international food: Via Primavera offers a wide range of options when it comes to food. You will find the most exquisite international cuisine there, as well as different styles to satisfy any taste.

  • If you want to try some Spanish food, Ole Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant is the place for you. From tapas to sangria, here you will find the best of Spanish cuisine.
  • On the other hand, if you want some Asian, Sushi World is the place to go to.
  • If you prefer something lighter, there are many options, so you can have an incredible meal without feeling guilty afterwards. In places like Mundo Verde or Gokéla, you can find healthy and delicious options, for vegetarians as well as for meat lovers.

3.Only for coffee lovers: Finally, if you are in this region of the country, there is no way you can leave without trying some of the best coffee in town. In this neighborhood, you can find coffee shops like Buenavida Café or restaurants like ElCielo and El Herbario. These exclusive places not only offer some of the most exquisite beans in the region, but also have delicious food to go perfectly with your beverage. Plus, they have a great menu with affordable prices you will love.

Second stop: Barrio Provenza

Even though this part of El Poblado neighborhood is more urban and a little bit less stylish than Via Primavera, there is a wide range of options for you to enjoy. From hostels to an incredible nightlife, there is no way you can get bored here.

1. Food: there are some places you must try if you are walking down these streets.

  • To start, try some coffee in Como Pez en el Agua, where besides trying delicious and fresh coffee, you can order some exquisite dishes like Eggs Benedict and French Toast.
  • On the other hand, if you care for Indian food, Naan is the place to go to. Here you will find traditional Indian dishes like curries and masalas, in a space that will transport you to another part of the world.
  • Finally, if you are looking for something closer to this continent, try some of the burgers or chicken wings at Humo Barbeque & Bar, for a traditional American BBQ. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Medellín nightlife: This neck of the woods is also famous for its nightlife. There are many places to visit where you can find almost every rhythm you can think about.

  • If you are attracted to the Latin beat, don’t miss out on Vintrash, where you can dance all night long, while enjoying some delicious cocktails and beers.
  • Also, if you are looking for some original craft beer, go to Brew House. You can find a large variety of local and international beers here, as well as some made by the owners.
  • Finally, Perro Negro and Primitivo are perfect if you are into reggaeton. They are located in awesome basements, where you can dance all night long, while meeting tons of local people.