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What was a mexican youtuber doing in Commune 13?

What was a mexican youtuber doing in Commune 13?

The famous Mexican youtuber, Alex Tienda is a video blogger and influencer of Mexican origins who has more than 100 thousand followers in his social networks and who we accompanied during his visit to the Comuna 13 of Medellin through the Graffitour around the San Javier neighborhood.

During the tour, not only did we use the metro cable and the escalators of the Commune 13, but
different graffiti painted by artists in the neighborhood. He tried the traditional mango biche (unripe green mango) ice cream, he flew a drone with one of the guides of the community and as a local, lived the experience of the Graffitour of La Comuna 13, one of the most important tourist and urban art tours of the city.

Far from prejudices, traditionally associated with Medellín and from the history in the era of violence, organized crime and drug trafficking hit La Comuna 13 in Medellín, today among murals of urban art, the inhabitants make memories of a story that nobody wants to repeat.

Alex Tienda en La Comuna 13.
In the words of Alex himself: La Comuna 13, San Javier, has had a difficult history … of struggle, of resistance, of perseverance, which inspires us today to believe in art and youth as a hope for
peace. ✌