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Colombia: a country with many types of coffee


Colombia: a country with many types of coffee

Every day in the mornings, many people around the world have a habit to boil a small amount of water and prepare some coffee. After that, they can officially start their day. This sort of ritual is also a people-connector because is during the breakfast time that families can share their lives while sharing some coffee. Cappuccino, espresso, latte, black… There are many types of coffee that help people to be energetic and happy throughout the day. What about you? Are you a coffee person?

The coffee plant in South America

The coffee plant, which the Arabians discovered in the seventh century, has plenty of history to tell. Forbidden for consumption till the sixth century, nowadays this grain is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. However, this was not a common thing for many centuries. For example, the French official Gabriel Mathien de Clieu brought to the Americas this plant only in the XVIII century. From then on, many types of coffee were found in Americans land, especially South America.

Colombia’s Coffee

In Colombia, this plant is like gold. And still is. In 1930, Colombia consolidated its position as the second largest coffee producer in the world. Nowadays, coffee is the third most exported product in the country. Any type of coffee. Currently, the land of coffee in Colombia includes all mountain ranges and mountainous areas of the country, generating income to more than 563,000 families producing the grain.


The first coffee crops grew in the eastern part of the country. In 1835 the first commercial production took place and the records show that the first 2,560 bags, exporting to the border with Venezuela. That happened because of a priest. He imposed that exportation, a great impulse in the propagation of the cultivation of the grain in this area of the country. These seeds would have allowed the presence of coffee in the departments of Santander and Norte de Santander, in the northeast of the country. With its consequent spread, from 1850 to the center and west through Cundinamarca, Antioquia and the zone of old Caldas. Although the new coffee farmers showed great ability to grow outside the conjunctures of international prices, Colombia did not have a great relative dynamism in the world market in this period.

Because of that, they found a Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). Here, you can find different types of coffee. This federation works for the well-being of Colombian growers, through an effective, democratic and representative organization.

Arabic Coffee

In Colombia, it grows only the “cafés arábicos”. This one is soft and is better accepted in the world market. And there are some categories of coffee in that country. They cultivate the “origen” one in farms and its main characteristic is the original flavor and aroma that its acquires in production. It is pure coffee, not usually mixed with other products or other varieties of coffee. And we can subcategorize this type of coffee in three types: Regional, Exotic and Farm coffees.

The first one comes from a specific region of the country for its pure and original production properties. The second one, the quality of this variety of the type of coffee depends on the areas of production. That provide sensory and organoleptic characteristics (taste, texture, smell, color or temperature). The third one comes from single coffee production and which marks its characteristics is consistency over time and its quality.

Aroma, flavor, and acidity

When defining a good type of coffee, we should pay attention to three aspects: aroma, flavor, and acidity. Why? The aroma is one of the elements that most attracts attention. The flavor is the following aspect and gives to the product property. Acidity is the element who makes the coffee unique; we can achieve this flavor thanks to the type of crop and the temperature at which it develops.


With milk or as an express, this type of beverage is always a good choice. Having a break time to relax can be a great idea. Try to combine this time with a mug filled with a coffee to disconnect of the world. Got some coffee craving? We hope you have a great experience after knowing a little bit more about these many types of coffee!

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