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Casa Teatro El Poblado

El Poblado House Theater

El Poblado House Theater

We are a cultural center in the Southern part of the city of Medellin, which promotes and develops cultural and artistic practices, as well as critical and creative dialog about community life, to contribute to the citizens’ integration, training and amusement.

Since 2013, we have developed a project to strengthen performing and visual arts, a meeting place that has art and culture as its focal point, in the pursuit of development and well-being of all residents and the society of which we are part.

Acclaimed and emerging artists, with independent, contemporary, progressive and traditional proposals, make part of our weekly programming that is also projected in the diversity of audiences that we seek to cover, aware of the commitment that, as drivers of the artistic creations, we can shape in the collective imagination, in the local identity and the symbolic capability of our close supporters and outsiders.

The theater offers music, theater, dance, visual arts, lyrics, reflection, corporate and institutional events and, above all, the pleasure of living without haste, a place to find ourselves through the power of imagination, creativity, and mainly joy, in order to build better life conditions, well-being and new excitement, as only art can inspire the community.

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Phone number: (+57-4) 321 11 00

Adress: Carrera. 47B  No 17B Sur 30