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Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob Corporation

Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob Corporation

Ateneo is one of the cultural institutions of the city of Medellin, which has been generating useful encounters with contemporary thought since 1994. During the 24 years of continuous work, it has been protagonist of the city transformation and progress, optimistically contributing through its artistic and cultural activity, and different lines of development such as the Cultural Center, the Publishing Fund, Ateneo Performing Laboratory, the Colombian Theater Festival of Medellín with local, national and international participation and the Thinking Project that has had the presence of great intellectuals like Fernando Savater, Alain Touraine, Mario Vargas Llosa, Nestor Garcia Canclini, Vicente Verdú and Michel Onfray, among others.
The Cultural Center is made up of three areas:

Theater: with capacity for 350 spectators, where an average of 200 plays are performed every year, including theater plays, rock and heavy metal concerts, and a wide variety of shows such as dance, storytelling, poetry reading, academic sessions among others.

Ateneo Gallery: located at the entrance of the cultural center and in collaboration with the Club Curatorial Piso Alto, it arranges exhibitions of emerging artists from the city, thus supporting their first experience as individual exhibition. Also, musical and poetic recitals, academic meetings, performance, among other events, take place at the Gallery.

Coffee de Porfirio: a place that allows for a closer meeting between artists and spectators around music and conversation; a space for discussing small-scale artistic projects ranging from singer-songwriters to staging for non-conventional settings, poetic meetings and dramatic readings.

Our visitors can enjoy rediscovering the Cultural DiverCity of Medellin, and be astonished by hundreds of independent artists who suggest a great experience from the encounter between art and thought, in an oasis in the city center.

Helpful Hints

Adress: Calle. 47  No. 42-38

Phone number: (+57-4)  216 07 08