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Edificio Carre

Carré Building

Carré Building

Marvel yourself at this national cultural place. An architectural gem from the late 19th century which is located in downtown Medellín. Carré Building was built with adobe and has four floors, being the tallest building in the city in 1895.

It was built by the French architect Charles Emile Carré, who came to Medellin to work for the church to also build the Metropolitan Cathedral. This building served as a commercial headquarters and as a hotel for many years, due to its architectural and historical wealth. Recently, the building was restored by the City of Medellin and it is now the headquarters of the Secretary of Education of Medellin.

Helpful Hints

Phone number: (+57 – 4) 514 82 00

Adress: Carrera. 52 No 4417

Open:  From monday to friday  8:00 a. m. – 5:00 p. m. Sundays  1:00 p. m. – 4:00 p. m.