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Comuna 13

Commune 13 Escalators

Commune 13 Escalators

Since the 1980s, Medellin has been stigmatized by urban violence and drug trafficking that once filled the headlines of local, national and international newspapers; however, this situation, as Héctor Lavoe would say, these are old news. The new generations have been responsible for building a new history drawn up with aerosol paint, know how the experience was.

The electrical stairs of Comuna 13, are the first public and free in the country, located in the neighborhood “Las Independencias”, are a reference of social urbanism and the transformation of the city because until a few years ago, this commune, It was known as one of the areas of greatest conflict in Medellin.

Touring this neighborhood is an experience around its history, in this place the new generations have been commissioned to build a new story that is reflected at the tip of aerosol and Hip Hop. This tour will allow you to observe artistic samples such as graffiti, dance, music and gastronomy.


  • You can tour the sector any day of the week, being the weekends when more tourists attend.
  • Some people in the sector can tell you stories about the transformation of the Commune.
  • Much of the route is done outdoors. Keep in mind the climate of the city before leaving.
  • The tour is done on foot.
  • In this sector there are no ATMs or large stores. Carry cash and low denomination.
  • The nearest metro station is San Javier.