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Comuna 13

Commune 13 Escalators

Commune 13 Escalators

Since the 1980s, Medellin has been stigmatized by urban violence and drug trafficking that once filled the headlines of local, national and international newspapers; however, this situation, as Héctor Lavoe would say, these are old news. The new generations have been responsible for building a new history drawn up with aerosol paint, know how the experience was.

And there we were, a group of tourists from Medellin, Bogota and Germany, admiring the colors that adorn the mountain where Commune 13 stands. Ready and willing to live an unforgettable experience. We began to climb the escalators contemplating one house after the other, their strong colors tell us that there is life
here! flowers that adorn the balconies as the typical cottages, bring a special connection with nature and clothes hung on the terraces everywhere, are part of the aesthetics of a beautiful, urban and colorful landscape.

The Parque Biblioteca Presbítero José Luis Arroyave (Library Park) was our next stop. Large, impressive murals, full of color, but mainly full of emotions and history, make up this part of the tour. The graffiti that blends the urban and indigenous aspects stands out, because despite of being such an urban art, we do not forget who we are and where we come from.