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Museo Entomológico y Piedras Blancas Mariposa

Piedras Blancas Entomological Museum and Butterfly Sanctuary

Piedras Blancas Entomological Museum and Butterfly Sanctuary

Come and  see the life of insects and butterflies in a cozy natural environment, offered by Piedras Blancas Ecological Park. Are you ready to learn from insects and butterflies? Be sure to schedule a visit to Piedras Blancas Ecological Park. This majestic park is located in Santa Elena village, just 45 minutes away from Medellin.

It was opened to the public in January 2004 and since then, it exhibits living organisms and a collection of preserved specimens. The Entomological Museum is the first living museum in Colombia. It has around 22 thousand insects from 25 different orders, grouped into approximately 350 species brought from different regions of the country. There you can make inquiries about their ecology, since you may find reference collections available at all times.

In the Butterfly Sanctuary, you will be able to see hundreds of butterflies of various colors. Also, families will be able to take pictures and live a close experience with more than 20 different species of native insects of eastern Antioquia. A not-to-be missed plan for those who enjoy biology!

Come between 10:00 a. m. and 1:00 p. m. since this is the best time to observe the butterflies process.

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Adress: Vereda Piedras Blancas kilómetro 14 Núcleo de las E.E.P.P.M.M., vereda Santa Elena.
Phone number: (+57 – 4) 460 11 00.
For more information visit: