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Placita de Flórez (Flórez Square)

Placita de Flórez

La Placita de Flórez declared an asset of cultural interest of the Municipality because of its architectural, urban, historical and testimonial quality. Incorporated into the cultural heritage of the city and regulated by the current municipal norms and provisions of agreement 62 of 1999 in the official Gazette.

This center enjoys a fixed clientele; the Plaza has great strengths and possibilities for sustainable development in the future. Identified as a Market Square with special characteristics for the peasant origin of its vendors and for the tradition of the trade from generation to generation.

The Plaza de Flórez currently consists of approximately 320 commercial premises, distributed in its physical plant of three levels by destinations as follows:

Lower Level (Basement): Fruits and vegetables, Corn Arepas, Cafeteria and restaurant.

First level: Florists, butchers, crafts, miscellanies, plastics and disposables, groceries, cafes and restaurants, fishmongers, potato wholesalers, candles and esoteric, groceries, ice cream, pineapple, plant pots, delicatessens.

Second level: Dental Clinic, Fruits and Vegetables, Medicinal Plants, Hairdressing, restaurants, Shoe store, Charcoal, Esoteric, Coplaflorez, Nurseries, Naturist shops, Candles, handicrafts, religious articles.

Helpful Hints

The square is located in District 10 of the sector of downtown Medellín, was raised in 1891 and opened on January 25 of that year on land donated by Mr. Rafael Flórez, hence its name.

Telephone: (+57 -4) 218 ​​00 91