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The Planetarium of Medellin offers its visitors the most modern scenario in the world, with a digital dome for top-quality immersion experiences. We change the vision of traditional planetariums toward the space sciences, and we add earth sciences to observe our unknown planet astonishingly and with hope.

Some of its spaces create and mobilize an informed public and deliberating opinion: the children’s room, designed for children ages zero to six years; the 3D projection room, a pioneer in special effects in the city; and the Open room, which offers large-scale physics experiences in the middle of fertile native gardens and a cloud forest.

This place is located in the northern part of Medellin, which, along with other nine projects, has being transformed from a marginal environment into the largest tourist attraction of the city in recent years. It is the hub of the educational district of science and technology of the future.

Helpful Hints

The Planetarium is located in the northern part of Medellin, next to the Wishes Park and the Music House, Explora Park, Ruta N, Universidad de Antioquia and Botanical Garden.

It is very easy to get there. You can access it using the Metro system, the nearest station is Universidad.


Phone number: (+57 -4) 516 83 00

Adress: Carrera. 52 No. 71-117